Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison Illustrated by Frank Quitely and Phillip Tan

Batman is dead (well actually sent to Caveman Times, but no one knows that in the present), but Batman cannot be allowed to die. Enter Dick Grayson, the first Robin and later the crimefighter Nightwing, to take up the cap and cowl. With him is the new Robin: Damien Wayne, the secret son of Bruce Wayne raised by a league of assassins working for Ra’s Al Ghul, one of Batman’s worst enemies. Dick must find a way to become Batman and earn the trust and respect of Gotham and Damien before the city is swept up in the sickness of a dangerous new enemy. Especially since the second Robin wants Gotham too and has become The Red Hood, a murderous vigilante in order to rid Gotham of crime.

Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison are an amazing team and their work is always stellar. Check out All Star Superman (YP FIC MORRISON)for proof. They handle the first story and Phillip Tan handles the art for the Revenge of the Red Hood story. Phillip Tan is another great penciler, so this book has two great artists and one phenomenal author. Morrison always has weird and creepy storylines that draw from comic’s entire past. This keeps thing exciting for serious comic fans and new fans alike, because he always brings lots of spectacle and inventiveness to his stories. Morrison has had this long story arc about the breakdown, death, replacement, and eventual return of Bruce Wayne as Batman ongoing for years now starting with The Black Glove. This is a great volume of the saga that continues with Blackest Night and will conclude with The Return of Bruce Wayne. I think this volume stands alone really well, but casual fans may want to start with Black Glove to really get the whole story.

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