Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ender’s Game: Battle School by Orson Scott Card Adapted by Christopher Yost Illustrated by Pasqual Ferry YP FIC CARD

Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is 6 years old. His older brother brutalizes and threatens to kill him, his school peers resent and mock him, his only friend is his older sister, and he is humanity's best hope for survival. A bug like alien race called the Formic has attacked Earth twice before, both times soundly defeating Earth defenses. Ender is taken to Battle School where children are trained to be perfect, ruthless warriors. As he excels in his training he alienates his superiors and finds himself losing himself to his violence. Will he become humanity's last hope only to lose his own humanity?

This is the first volume of the graphic adaptation of Card's famous Ender books. The comic really captures the psychological complexity of a child adjusting to war, but it is sort of hard to jump into. There isn't a lot of backstory presented, so you have to kind of follow along for an issue or so before you really know what's going on. It is worth it though, because the characters are absolutely fascinating and the art is great. I really like the rich colors and how ferry is able to keep the characters looking like children but also carry across the brutality of the action scenes. If you have already read Card's Ender books then I think you'll be very pleased with the adaptation. I also think it's a good fit for fans of Sci Fi comics, but it may not be too interesting to some super hero fans. If you do check it out make sure and grab Card's novels in SF CARD

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