Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Franciso X. Stork YP FC STORK

Pancho’s dad died in a car accident and his sister was found dead in a hotel room. The police say it was natural causes, but he knows better. It was murder and he’s going to find the killer and make him pay. First he has to find money and get away from St. Antony’s, the orphanage he’s been stuck in. Both come in the form of D.Q. a young teen in the advanced stages of cancer. D.Q. makes Pancho his helper getting him money and a trip that will take him closer to the man he has to kill. But when D.Q. introduces Pancho to his Death Warrior Manifesto and a girl named Marisol, Pancho starts to question everything. Will the boy that is dying be able to convince Pancho not to throw away his life?

This is a wonderful book with truly deep characters. D.Q. is very unusual and really adds a great philosophical bent to the story. Pancho is a good protagonist because his drive to avenge his sister is so string it carries the reader forward, but it’s the new people in his life distracting him that become more interesting than his murder plot. It’s a complex look at the difference between living and dying and the true meaning of faith and the true meaning of love. If you’re looking for a good drama then absolutely check this one out.

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