Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In a Heartbeat by Loretta Ellsworth YP FIC ELLSWORTH

16 year old Eagan and 14 year old Amelia couldn’t be much different. Eagan is a confident ice skating phenom that butts heads with her mother at any and all times and Amelia is meek and shy and physically too weak to do much of anything. However, one thing unites them: Amelia has just received Eagan’s heart. Told in alternating chapters from Eagan looking back through her life from BEYOND THE GRAVE and through Amelia trying to cope with the guilt of living through someone’s death, this book shows how much life can change in In a Heartbeat (couldn’t resist that, sorry.)

Another day, another Dead/Dying Teens (DDTs) book! I swear if you look at our shelves you’d swear that every kid out there had a terminal illness or was revisiting their life from BEYOND THE GRAVE or leaving reeeeeally long suicide notes. Well, the ones that weren’t angels, zombies, vampires, or living in a future devastated by War/Global Warming/Diseases. But I for one like the DODTs and In a Heartbeat is a pretty darn good one. It is interesting seeing Amelia adopt more mannerisms and behaviors of Eagan as the story progresses and both characters are likeable in different ways. I thought it wasn’t as impressive as Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (YP FIC OLIVER), but this is a simpler story that would be better for younger readers.

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