Thursday, June 17, 2010

By Royal Command: A James Bond Adventure by Charlie Higson YP FIC HIGSON

The young James Bond is back in his fifth and final adventure. James is finally getting settled into normal life, but danger seems to follow him wherever her goes. He survives a snow storm lost on a mountain only to return to his school, Eton. as he struggles to get used to a normal life of bullies and schoolwork he finds himself deep in a plot to kill the king. Surrounded by unknown enemies, James flees with a beautiful Irish would be terrorist to escape, but soon finds himself in the grips of one of his deadliest old enemies.

This is a great end to a great series. There is plenty of all the action, suspense, double crosses, danger, and romance in any great Bond movie. Higson is great at writing suspenseful books but not neglecting character building. You may remember that I liked his new horror book The Enemy a lot too. It's because he makes unbelievable situations seem real and draws the reader in. The James Bond series of books are all good, but you won't have to have read any of them to jump into this one, but there are returning characters for fans of the series. James doesn't have any fancy gadgets and the book can get pretty gritty, so they are more like the more recent Bond movies than the older more fantastical movies. If you like spy books then take a look at this series.

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