Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce YP FIC PEARCE

Scarlett and Rosie March have a deep bond forged in pain and sacrifice. Scarlett saved both their lives at the cost of her eye when a Fenris (werewolf) killed their grandmother and attempted to kill them. Ever since Scarlett has donned a red cloak and lured the Fenris to their deaths under her axe. Rosie has fought alongside her sister but is tired of death and killing. And when she finds herself falling for Scarlett’s fellow hunter, the woodsman Silas, she’ll find that any bond can be broken.

Modernized fairy tale retellings are pretty popular right now and Sisters Red really hits the mark better than most. It takes all the danger of Little Red Riding Hood and looks at its message of the dangers of romance in a totally new way. This is a great action packed read with a really strong romance. Silas and Rosie’s growing attraction then love is really well told and makes the book more than just an awesome werewolf killing story (which it also is). I think fans of Twilight and other supernatural romances will really enjoy this one, but Team Jacob fans may not like all the dead werewolves.

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