Monday, June 21, 2010

Teen Angst: a Celebration of Really Bad Poetry Edited by Sarah Bynoe 811.008 TEEN

The first collection of the best (meaning worst, but totally in a good way) of poems submitted to Poems fall under headings like "I will never love again" Poems, I am Alone--an no one understands my pain Poems, Life Sucks and I Want to Die Poems, and others. A collection of staggeringly bad poetry for every teen that angsts or the former sad, mad, head-over-heels-in love, or whatever other reason we have to write poems teen in all of us.

Right off the bat I want to add the disclaimer that I personally have NEVER written BAD POETRY and anybody claiming otherwise is clearly lying and their 'evidence' is obvious forgeries. That being said I love poetry and think absolutely everyone should read it and try to write it at least once, so this book is one of my favorites. It has some painfully bad poems that become painfully funny when read out loud and is in an odd way very encouraging. It shows that the pains and toils of adolescence are shared by many and that creativity can help us survive it. It also shows that no matter how bad your poems or bad your pain is one day you can look back and laugh at it. And any book that reminds us of that is pretty awesome. If you like poems and are looking for a laugh, this is a great read.

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