Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction by Mike Mignola YP FIC MIGNOLA

In 1944 Hitler was getting desperate and turned to his obsession with the occult to give him a doomsday weapon. A group of occult scientists led by the immortal Russian mystic Rasputin performed a ceremony that miles away called up a demon child. Discovered by occult expert Trevor Bruttenholm (inexplicably pronounced 'Broom') the demon is given the name Hellboy and adopted. Fifty years pass and Rasputin returns with demonic frog men and a plan to destroy the world. Hellboy, the fish-man Abe Sapien, and the fire starter Liz Sherman band together to stop Rasputin, but can Hellboy stop the man who called him from hell?

Hellboy is one of the coolest and most interesting comic series in a long, long time. It takes inspiration from ancient mythology and folktales, the King of Comics Jack Kirby, and the horror writer H P Lovecraft to create a wholly new and unique book. Hellboy himself is funny and a fantastic central character. His struggle with his demonic legacy and noble mission make for great stories as the series continues. The books also have rich supporting characters in the members of the Bureau of Paranormal Research Department. Mike Mignola's art has been heavily imitated since Hellboy broke on the scene 15 years ago and his work remains the fresher and more interesting than any of his challengers. If you like comics at all or if you enjoyed the movies (DVD HELLBOY) then you should absolutely grab the Hellboy series.

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